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Restore Vision With Your Upper West Side Ophthalmologist

Surgery is one of the most effective methods of treating cataracts, a leading cause of vision loss and blindness in the United States. As beneficial as this procedure is, patients in Upper West Side and Chelsea NYC needing cataract surgery might not know where to turn. Dr. Edwin M. Schottenstein is an Upper West Side NYC ophthalmologist specializing in cataract surgery and other aspects of vision care. Patients can count on his experience and professional insight to guide them through this important treatment process.

Do I Need Cataract Surgery & What Does It Involve?

Not everyone diagnosed with cataracts requires surgery right away. However, if your ophthalmologist has suggested that you pursue this course of treatment at this time, then other options may not provide the same pronounced results.

During a cataract surgery procedure, a very small incision is made to the lens of the eye so that ultrasound wave technology can be used to break apart the cloudy tissue. Once this tissue is removed, an elastic artificial intraocular lens (IOL) is set into place. This artificial lens focuses light to facilitate clear, precise vision. IOLs designed to provide a range of vision correction functions are available, and Dr. Schottenstein will help determine which is best for your personal needs.

Recovering From Surgery

Since cataract surgery only involves a small incision, very little recovery time is required. Patients are typically able to resume normal daily activities within 48 hours and generally experience only minimal discomfort. To facilitate healing, keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Follow post-surgical care guidelines provided by your doctor.
  • Use medicated eye drops or other drugs as prescribed.
  • Avoid water activities (such as swimming) for a week following surgery.
  • Avoid bending, straining, or heavy lifting for a week following surgery.

Discover Improved Vision Today With Dr. Schottenstein!

Patients looking for outstanding ophthalmologic care can count on Dr. Schottenstein. Contact our office at 212-874-2300 to schedule an appointment or learn more about cataract treatment. One of our helpful, friendly office staff members will assist you in any way they can. We look forward to seeing you soon!